Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Africa Can't Wait

While it is undoubtedly a fact that President Barack Obama is forced to concentrate immediately on the global financial crisis and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are numerous issues in Africa that also are pressing and need immediate attention. The Sullivan Foundation has presented a white paper on U.S. policy toward Africa to the incoming Administration and the new Congress that listed numerous pressing challenges in Sudan, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe, as well as potential serious problems even in nations such as Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. See the complete white paper at:

There is a strong possibility that the new Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Affairs may not be selected and sworn in for months. The challenges facing Africa cannot wait for a prolonged confirmation process. We think this process must be accelerated. What do you think?


  1. At a West Virginia company, an employee requested that they start recognizing diversity at the company. He introduced a Black History month and listed a who's who in Black History bulletin in the breakroom. Reverend Leon H. Sullivan was listed among them. Lo and behold, the supervisor announced that she is a graduate of OIC in Fairmont, WV. OIC is an organization started by the late Rev. Sullivan who is also a native of West Virginia.

  2. I agree that these issues are most pressing. Do you find there to be significant response from "American" African groups regarding these challenges? Are their organizers or advocates among Sudanese, Somalian or Congolese Americans, if so, what are their positions? Does the Sullivan Foundation provide a platform for these "African Americans"? I'm only familiar with African student groups but rarely do I hear of charged responses from African communities, but I'm likely just not tapped in, please direct me...